Tailored, Private AI Agents and Applications
Securely connect your data and APIs anywhere with your preferred LLM with Squid. Apply Squid's universal, real-time RAG using your data to create private AI solutions customized for your business.
Our Trusted Partners and Customers Include:
AI applications for real world problems
Achieve unprecedented customer reach, cost reductions, efficiency levels, and personalized experiences by applying GenAI to your real-time data. 10X anything in your org. Your imagination is your limit.
A Fully Managed Tier For AI Applications
Squid Cloud's Unique AI Capabilities
Build real-world AI applications and products immediately using your preferred LLM and your own data without needing to stitch AI infrastructure and orchestration pieces yourself. It’s all already built in!
AI applications that can connect to any DB or API
Private AI agents using real-time RAG and data
Explainable AI queries on any database, SQL or NoSQL
Universal RAG with structured and unstructured data built-in
Execute AI queries across cloud and hybrid/private data
Centralized view of all connected data with autodiscovery
Unique enterprise-grade PaaS built around serverless and AI infra
No rewrites or migration required. Legacy-friendly for enterprises
Unopinionated, by design
With more than 50 integrations and growing, Squid flexibly supports any and all APIs and databases, working side-by-side with your current architecture.
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Jun 17, 2024 - Aug 21, 2024

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