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Squid Cloud was founded by an executive team from Google highly experienced in infrastructure, data, and AI products and technologies and is well funded by top Silicon Valley VCs.
We are backed by incredible investors and industry-leading angels
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Business Value
Accelerate your vision with Squid Cloud
Squid Cloud unlocks the potential of your enterprise by transcending the traditional boundaries of application development with AI-ready infrastructure and secure, real-time data streams between any API or database.
Remove expensive middle-tiers across apps and orgs
Accelerate time to market 8-10x at a fraction of your current costs
Modernize your stack with real-time data and AI-ready infrastructure
Our Mission

Simplifying software development for faster innovation

Squid cloud was borne out of a deep-rooted passion to propel the pace of software development and innovation globally. This mission is the heartbeat of our team.

We are dedicated to helping our customers accelerate their development and production velocity while significantly cutting down their costs with advanced technologies including serverless and AI.
We believe that securely integrating applications, APIs, and databases should be made easy for any business logic.
We believe GenAI agents best perform when they have real time data from the entire organization at scale.
We believe there is no reason for enterprise mobile and web applications to cost $5-15M or more and take multiple people-years to build and run.
Our Principles
How we hold ourselves to a higher standard