Securely harness the power of real-time data with Squid and Confluent

Easily connect frontends to Apache Kafka securely with Squid Cloud and Confluent and 10X your development velocity. Publish and receive real-time events between your frontend and Kafka without a backend with Squid queues.
Create a full-stack application with Kafka in minutes without a backend
Squid makes Kafka easy for frontend developers. Every Squid application comes with a built-in queue. Or, connect Squid to your own Confluent instance in seconds.
Squid simplifies your middle-tier
Process payments and financial transactions in real time
Financial customers increasingly expect real-time interactions and insights. Exceed those expectations with Squid Cloud. From real-time payments to risk management and fraud prevention, Squid allows you to develop innovative experiences and accelerate business growth, all at a much lower cost than traditional approaches. Squid is perfect for stock exchanges, banks, and insurance companies. Mitigate fraud and modernize real-time payment experiences to improve customer loyalty and your competitive edge today.
Collect and react to customer interactions and orders immediately
Retail, sports, and travel industries are great matches for Squid Cloud. Provide delightful and reliable omni-channel and personalized experiences that unlock new revenue streams. View, manage, and share inventory in real time with your internal teams or with customers. Or surface up-to-date game stats and fan experiences in a mobile or web applications for a sports team. Business data is constantly growing, flowing, and changing, and Squid is right there to help you realize the potential of your data, wherever it resides.
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