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Legacy technology slowing you down? Need AI agents but don't know where to start? Applications taking quarters and seem impossible to launch? We can help.
Our Valued Partners and Customers Include:
Innovate and accelerate your time to market with AI agents and applications
Connect your data and APIs securely to the latest gen AI technology, leapfrog ahead, and start innovating again in no time.
Feature focused
Focus on building features and with AI. Leave the plumbing to us
Incremental adoption
Modernize your existing stack incrementally with zero migration or rewrites
Secure and compliant
Keep your data and applications secure, regionalized, and compliant
Infinitely scalable
Scale way up or down to zero to meet the needs of your business
Real-time by default
Stream real-time data to clients without boilerplate code or polling
Cloud-agnostic and friendly
Deploy your application to the public, hybrid, or private cloud
Connect your backend
Connect to your existing data, even if it’s on-premises or legacy
Flexible and customizable
Use a bevy of built-in features but easily customize however you may need.
A single, uniquely powerful platform
Build responsive, scalable, and secure AI agents and applications right on top of your connected data. No more worrying about DevOps, scaling, staging, or how to securely connect to a database — it's all built-in.
Squid Platform
Squid AI
Create turnkey agents that understand your data, website, and product and offer real-time suggestions and solutions. Autogenerate accurate SQL queries with natural language, and turn complex schemas into actionable insights. Or, automate your operational workflows while increasing customer and employee satisfaction.
Squid Platform
Squid Data
Data is the lifeline of applications. Connect to any API or database, anywhere. Execute queries in real time, create cross-database joins, and handle mutations on the fly, keeping your apps and data agile and accurate. Put Squid Data at the core of your data strategy to keep your data and apps in motion, secure, and always at your command.
Squid Platform
Squid for Developers
Squid sets a new standard for building full-stack applications. It was designed to be a productivity-enhancing platform for any developer, no matter their background. Access a full array of backend capabilities that scale with your needs, all without the management overhead of servers and boilerplate code. Automatically map any database schema or the endpoints and methods for any API. Build rich front-end experiences without the complexity of managing your middle tier and backends.
Although Squid is a fully featured middle tier platform, it's also lightweight. Start with only the parts that make sense for your needs and adopt it incrementally. Squid works side-by-side with your existing stack.
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