How Joyous transforms behavioral healthcare with Squid Cloud

Empowering healthcare through technology: Joyous's innovative approach with Squid Cloud
Jen Person|Feb 12, 2024

“With Squid Cloud's real-time AI and data integration, we reduced our operational time and costs by 90% and increased customer satisfaction by 60%.”

  • Danny Hoz, Chief Product Officer, Joyous

In the dynamic world of behavioral healthcare, customization and easy access are crucial. Joyous, a trailblazer in this arena, stands out for its dedication to enhancing mental health care. Their approach combines lifestyle modification support with optimized, minimally invasive medicinal interventions. Squid Cloud's partnership has been instrumental in transforming Joyous's vision into a groundbreaking reality in patient care.

Overcoming challenges with agility and innovation

In the United States, the National Institution of Mental Health notes that nearly 8.3% of adults experience major depressive episodes. This statistic underscores the urgent need for accessible and affordable mental health services. Joyous aimed to create a scalable solution for this pressing issue. With a focus on maintaining a lean yet efficient team, they turned to low-code and no-code technologies. These user-friendly tools enable healthcare providers and technicians to seamlessly interact with patients, ensuring a swift and effective care delivery.

The power of AI in mental healthcare

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become a game-changer in mental health services. Traditionally, patient data was limited to medical surveys. However, AI has opened new horizons, enabling deeper insights into patients' messages, journal entries, social media posts and anything text based that the patient is sharing. Joyous harnessed AI to enhance operational efficiency and gather comprehensive patient data. They developed sophisticated AI-powered bots to assist healthcare professionals and created an innovative AI system for prompt and accurate patient communication.

Personalizing patient care with AI agents

Joyous is pioneering the use of AI agents acting as personal healthcare assistants for patients. This approach shifts from traditional coding to AI-driven protocols. It simplifies the development process, allowing the team closest to the patient's needs to provide direct instructions to the AI, bypassing the conventional development stages. Squid Cloud delivered value quickly, was easy to use and to configure with generative AI to connect to any system out of the box and provide references to any data or interaction.

Squid Cloud: A catalyst for innovation

Squid Cloud emerged as a vital component in Joyous's technological toolkit. Its AI assistant enables Joyous to manage AI tools and chatbots efficiently. The user-friendly interface allows for quick updates and adjustments without the need for additional coding.

Enhancing care and expanding reach

Squid AI has been pivotal in delivering precise, personalized care at scale. It offers easy access to Joyous's vast knowledge base, enabling care providers to deliver the most informed and effective personalized care. The technology empowers healthcare providers and technicians to contribute directly to the platform, bridging the gap between technical skills and medical expertise. This results in a tenfold increase in information turnaround speed and accuracy, greatly benefiting patients. Squid enabled Joyous to automate personalized healthcare, leveraging their own data in a matter of days to deliver value to their clients.

A vision for the future

Joyous's journey with Squid Cloud marks a significant milestone in behavioral healthcare. Serving over 27,000 patients, Joyous continues to broaden access to mental health services. Their future plans include integrating Squid AI for data queries, analytics, app development and enhancing patient-specific AI protocols. This expansion promises a new era of personalized and efficient mental healthcare.

A fusion of technology and compassion

The partnership between Joyous and Squid Cloud is more than a success story; it's a testament to the profound impact of technology when used to amplify human care. This collaboration reflects a deep commitment to empowering healthcare providers and ensuring the best outcomes for those in need. Joyous and Squid Cloud's journey is a beacon of hope and healing in the realm of behavioral healthcare, setting a new standard for the industry.