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Why Squid Cloud?

Save months of development time in minutes with our fully managed middle tier platform that connects to any database or API anywhere.

What is Squid?

Squid is a serverless middle-tier platform that makes it easy for developers to connect databases, APIs, and backend services to any frontend in a secure and scalable way. Developers can also apply turnkey Squid AI features to enhance both their productivity and their products.

Squid is a modern middle-tier platform
Key benefits of using Squid
Powerful, secure, easy, yet flexible. Squid works with existing architectures and data, new or old. Accelerate your development and time to market with secure real-time data and create ensuring efficient, adaptable, and secure solutions for your business and users.
Feature focused
Focus on application features and leave the plumbing to Squid
Incremental adoption
Add Squid into your existing architecture incrementally with no rewrites
Secure and compliant
Built to keep your data and applications secure and compliant
Infinitely scalable
Scale way up or down to zero to meet the needs of your application
Real-time by default
Stream real-time data to clients without boilerplate code or polling
Deploy your application to the cloud, zone, and region you need
Connect your backend
Integrates with your existing data, even if it’s on-premises or legacy
Flexible and customizable
Use Squid’s built-in features, but easily customize it however you may need.
Whether you're a startup or a large enterprise, Squid is the platform you've been looking for.
Why Squid Cloud
Every application needs a middle tier. We've built the best one!
We make your application scalable, compliant, and secure. Everything’s built-in.
Squid's role as the middle tier
A middle tier (also known as the business logic or application layer) refers to the layer in a multi-tiered application architecture that sits between the user interface (frontend) and databases and other backend services. It handles the application's core processing rules and logic.

Every application needs a middle tier.

Dev teams often create their own when the need arises. But middle tiers are a pain to build and maintain, and often have overlapping functionality.

We know that developers would rather spend their time coding and developing features than on building logic, infrastructure, and all the acronyms required for a full-stack application. Think authentication (authn), authorization (authz), role-based access control (RBAC), single sign-on (SSO), and so on.

That's why we created Squid.
Squid is a middle-tier platform
Life before and after Squid
This is a simplified diagram of what a typical application's architecture might look like. Each frontend application has its own middle tier that connects to the set of backend services it needs.
Every middle tier acts as an intermediary layer, taking requests from the frontend, processing them, and then communicating the required operations to the backend. Each icon represents one of a wide variety of tasks related to application operations and data processing.

This includes interpreting and processing user requests, applying business rules and ensuring that data flows correctly between the frontend and backend, data validation, transaction management, error handling and logging, access control, caching, data transformation, observability, and security.

The exact responsibilities of the middle tier can vary based on the specific architecture and design decisions of the application.

As a complete middle-tier platform, Squid obviates the need to create and maintain your own middle tier for each application so developers can focus on building user value. We like to say, "We make your middle tier disappear."
Design Concepts
In addition to the rich and flexible functionality provided by Squid Cloud, Squid has a few basic design concepts that make it unique.
Unopinionated by design
A flexible and versatile platform that allows you to choose any client-side framework, giving you the freedom to build your application the way that works best for you.
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