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Data-rich applications

Your shortcut to full-stack,
data-rich apps

Break through the boundaries of application development with serverless, generative AI, and secure, real-time streams between any database or API and any frontend.
Why dedicate dozens of great engineers on middleware instead of revenue-generating features?
The platform includes a console, a simple SDK, and a serverless middle-tier that automatically spins up to enable any frontend to securely query or update data through real-time data streams. 
Simplify your middle
  • Rapidly accelerates your time to market
  • Let engineers unveil a new feature daily
  • Accelerate revenue-generation from quarters to hours
  • Enable engineers to focus on user experiences vs. infrastructure
Achieve 10 times your current development velocity, all at a fraction of your current costs.
Squid Cloud unlocks the potential of your enterprise by transcending the traditional boundaries of application development. Powerful but lightweight, Squid seamlessly integrates with any database or API.
Backend-for Frontend
Cloud Automation
Incrementally Integrated
Secure & SOC 2 Compliant
Unopinionated, Open Design
Rapidly Scalable
Up and Running in Minutes
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