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AI Applications and Automations

Private AI applications and
Automations in minutes

Squid Cloud was built with AI capabilities embedded within its platform. Create intelligent applications, private AI agents, and automate your operations using your own data.
Your own custom, private assistant, expertly trained
Integrate Squid AI with your external and internal data sources to create private, personalized assistants.
Squid AI
Create a sales or expert assistant in minutes
  • Squid AI uses retrieval augmented generation (RAG) technology to create custom assistants trained on your private data and includes transparency and source citation.
  • Just provide files, URLs, pasted text, or connect Squid Cloud to any of your structured or unstructured data, and tell Squid AI how it should respond.
  • Integrate with Slack or any preferred communication platform of your choice for even greater convenience.
Move over, business intelligence
Create your own custom and private product specialist or sales analyst.
Your own specialist
An analyst who's always ready to answer all of your business needs, any time of day.
Zero SQL required
Instant insights and custom visualizations for your presentations and dashboards.
Your data is yours
Accessible only by you and never replicated, migrated, or stored. No stale data!
Intelligent AI applications and embedded workflows

Delight customers and unlock automation with Squid AI’s flexibility.

Create secure and private AI applications while retaining full and granular AI and data access and control.

Automate workflows using AI functions or integrate them with no-code workflow engines to streamline your operations entirely, freeing up dev time.

Squid AI is configured so that AI providers like OpenAI will not use your data for model training.

Launch intelligent applications and amazing experiences while saving days and weeks of development time.
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