Solomomo and Squid Cloud: Blending beauty, data, and AI for personalized, effective skincare

Leslie Lee|Jan 30, 2024

"Squid Cloud enables us to transcend traditional boundaries in skincare. We're able to offer data-driven, personalized experiences at a scale previously unimaginable. We're not just changing skincare routines; we're pioneering a new relationship between technology and wellness"
- Michael Hyman, Co-CEO, Solomomo

In the dynamic world of beauty and skincare, a constant stream of new products and conflicting suggestions leave consumers to wonder, "Is my skincare routine actually working?" Solomomo’s mission is to revolutionize the beauty industry by merging technology with personal skincare, providing definitive answers to this question and customized regimens to skincare enthusiasts.

Solomomo uses Squid Cloud and Squid AI capabilities to build its skincare platform, which creates personalized skincare routines and product and treatment recommendations for consumers and connects them with Med Spas, dermatologists, and skincare brands.

Solomomo: Crafting custom skincare routines with precision

Consumers start their Solomomo skincare journey with a simple selfie as well as direct-to-skin measurements from their proprietary consumer Solomomo™Skin Wand. Using a mix of machine learning algorithms, Solomomo evaluates the consumer’s skin and identifies key concerns like wrinkles, redness, and clogged pores. Remarkably, their technology can even aid in early detection of serious conditions and prompt users to seek medical advice.

Solomomo then creates a customized skincare routine for them. Consumers can upload photos of their existing products or manually enter them, and the system recommends a personalized regimen using its extensive catalog of thousands of skincare products. Solomomo goes a step further by creating a personalized daily audio soundtrack, guiding users through their routine with product suggestions, timings, and even a soothing background score.

Dermatologists and estheticians benefit from Solomomo's platform as well, since it contains rich B2B features focused around communication, treatment automation, marketing and analytics. They can monitor their clients' progress, view recent scans, and select or adjust skincare routines based on algorithmic recommendations.

Squid Cloud: the engine and intelligence behind Solomomo's success

With a broad collection of data sources and customer profiles to coordinate, Solomomo needed a robust platform that was powerful enough to manage and secure multiple sources while being easy enough to quickly build and iterate. With Squid Cloud’s serverless backend, Solomomo was able to accelerate their product velocity by a factor of 10 for every feature on their roadmap.

Solomomo's prowess lies in its sophisticated data integration, where they use Squid Cloud to pull data from various data sources, normalize data points, and store it in MongoDB. This data includes skincare products, hair care items, supplements, and aesthetic treatments, as well as all of the data to drive the marketing and communication features of the product. Solomomo then uses Squid to connect to database collections and its catalog to do joins, callbacks, pagination, and more. Because the Squid Cloud architecture automatically updates data in real time, the Solomomo UI can provide real time messaging, notification, and data updates, all without complicated programming. This lets the team spend far more time on building great features for consumers, estheticians, and dermatologists.

Solomomo uses Squid AI on their data to get insights and understanding without the need to write queries themselves. For example, they can ask, “How many female customers do I have in Seattle?” or efficiently provide their customers with personalized skincare advice based on their data. Solomomo can also analyze consumer behavior and preferences, providing insights to estheticians about their clientele or about skincare product demand. Solomomo can pull data from a range of electronic medical record systems, enabling Med Spas and clinics to craft targeted marketing campaigns and analyze spending trends across different demographics.

Solomomo and Squid Cloud stand at the forefront of skincare innovation, offering a holistic, technology-driven approach to beauty and wellness. By empowering users and professionals with data-driven insights and personalized recommendations, Solomomo is not just changing skincare routines; it's transforming the way we think about beauty and wellness.